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You Glow! is a thriving peer support social enterprise providing support and learning opportunities to enable women and girls from marginalised and disadvantaged communities to come together in a safe space so that they can get the help they need to live a full and glowing life.

Aimed specifically at women of all ages and teenage girls our workshops and social prescribed activities offer support through peer learning, coaching, counselling and holistic health and wellness support to bring about renewed hope and personal life transformation.

It does not matter how each one of us may have started out in life, or what our
experiences may have been along the way. We all possess an inner Glow
deep within. That's what make us all so unique and so special!

- Maxine Thompson

Our Passion

We are passionate about personal growth because we understand that coping with life everyday can be a struggle at times, and for some women it can feel overwhelming.  Our Reaching New Heights is an interactive personal development programme tailored for women of all ages.  Aimed at supporting one another, you will be encouraged to learn, explore, connect and grow, and with all of our support services co-designed alongside other women we are confident that you will be glad you came.  

We also absolutely love working with girls and we believe that we all have a role to play in nurturing the next generation. We understand that adolescence can be a difficult adjustment to make for many girls, and with new social media trends adding extra pressure for many girls things can be tough.  So often we listen to girls share about their struggles with inner feelings of low self-esteem and poor self-image, low mood, peer and parental relationships issues and bullying.  Not to mention anxiety and fear about the future in relation to their education and employment.  All of which can have a negative impact on their mental health.  As active mentors, we are proud of our Empowerment Mentoring programme ideal for girls aged 11-17.  We are confident that each of the girls will learn and develop in a safe and caring environment where they are encouraged to share, participate and express themselves freely and have their voices heard.  

Our ReStart Empowerment Support provides counselling along with holistic health and wellness.  Each session is unique giving you the right support you need so that you can deal with what matters most – You!

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